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In 2010 October, GIEC electronic first pulling hard disk design HD media player -- GK-HD280 shock listed. GK-HD280 HD media player in the design show ingenuity, by the national patent pulling hard disk design, combined with the alloy chute, the hard disk installation, take more flexible.

GK-HD280 can be directly read SATA computer hard disk, computer hard disk storage, the giant Blockbuster Entertainment Animation and a full set of TV drama, all can be migrated to GK-HD280, no longer in the narrow confines of the computer monitor and computer chair, using GK-HD280 connected to the big screen TV, can let a computer hard disk video on the television screen clear! When the winter's footsteps slowly approached, nest on the comfortable sofa, enjoy the classic film brings warm and comfortable.

Another highlight is the GK-HD280 UI interface, GK-HD280 breakthrough in the traditional male version interface follow the same pattern blue gray tone, bold use of company business color orange in hue, interface design and fashion, in order to bring a pleasant visual enjoyment.

In terms of features, GK-HD280 is still followed the GIEC HD media player" 720P Full HD online " unique advantages, even if the average bandwidth is only 2000000000000, but also can be easily smooth online watch high-definition movie and tv. For the current controversial television network copyright, company already save, launched in HD media player series of products at the beginning, then with the Beijing actor friend general happy and other regular television content providers signed a cooperation agreement, to ensure that the outstanding branch HD media player video resources of legitimacy, update the resource of stability and continuity. At present, Jacco HD media player all fronts product support 600 of genuine 720P high-definition movie and tv.

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